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Monday 25th January 2016

Last week the major players in the energy networks, supply chain and representative bodies got together, thanks to the Energy Innovation Centre, to examine the outcomes of the Futurewave project. The session was opened by David Gray, Chair of the regulator Ofgem. This alone should engage the interest of our sector given the key role Ofgem play.

So what is Futurewave likely to deliver for the industry? The key component in the work is that of the consumer, for immediate impact, the homeowner-occupier. They will be able to see what options are available to them, at a few clicks on a website, to improve their current energy position. The site will enable them to access trusted and validated advice and evidence, which directs them to an appropriate option. The next phase enables the consumer to then see who can provide the recommended service, installation or outcome. The whole process should be simple, like the best in other sectors, but important for us all, it should be trusted.


Our sector has suffered from some really bad PR and having a trusted website for consumers to use, is a step in the right direction. The fact that the industry has come together to collaborate in creating Futurewave should help give consumers the confidence that the industry is motivated to do the right thing. When you have a gathering of such senior figures in the industry talking about “social progress,” by which they mean the improvement in the quality of people’s lives, then this should make the sceptics sit up and take notice.


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Mike Foster CE

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