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Think ‘renewable ready’ urges HWA in response to Prime Minister’s plans to build 13,000 homes on public land

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Following the announcement yesterday that the Government plans to directly commission the building of up to 13,000 homes on public land, the Hot Water Association, HWA urges that they are ‘renewable ready’.

Isaac Occhipinti, of HWA, said “Plans to build 13,000 new homes across the south of the country offers a unique opportunity to design and build sustainable developments that make use of all of the different technologies available to benefit the homeowners. We urge the Government however to ensure that these properties provide a hot water cylinder within the properties or at the very least space to install one in the future.


Currently, hot water cylinders, that is the heating and storing of hot water, is the only practical solution for turning energy produced off-peak or by renewable technologies into something useful and banking it for when it is needed. This will not only help reduce household energy bills but also reduce carbon emissions.


The new homes are very welcome but they need to be renewable enabled.”

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