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HWA tells Green Party - ‘All new build homes need to be ‘renewable ready’

Thursday 18th February 2016

The Hot Water association, HWA today tells the Green Party that ‘all new build homes need to be ‘renewable ready’.

Ahead of the forthcoming Green Party Conference, HWA wants delegates attending the conference to understand the key role that hot water storage plays in helping to maximise renewable energy use.


Isaac Occhipinti of HWA said “The use of renewable energy will of course be very much on the agenda at the Green Party conference, but we ask that they take a moment and think about how this renewable energy can be stored and used when it is needed.


Currently hot water storage offers the only inexpensive practical solution for turning the energy produced by renewable technologies into something useful and banking it for when it needs to be used.


It sounds both obvious and simple. However most new build homes are constructed without a hot water storage cylinder, many with inadequate space to install even a small cylinder and this needs to change. We need new builds to be ‘renewable ready’ as it is extremely difficult and expensive to retrofit and make them compatible for renewable technologies. We would urge the Green Party to consider this as they review their policies on both housebuilding and energy use.”

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