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Green gas is Top of the Pops

Tuesday 19th April 2016

Those of us, of a certain age that is, that try to re-live our youth often end up doing so by listening to Radio 2, with its familiar music and presenters.

Last week, I was “drivin” while “listenin” to Steve Wright at the point in his show when he and his colleagues look at what’s making the news. They mentioned the new biomethane injection to grid plant in Cumbria that takes waste from the cheese-maker First Milk’s local dairy plant. Why I mention The Steve Wright Show, was the nature of the interaction that took place with his colleagues. There was surprise, but acclaim for the scheme – genuine, unscripted and overwhelmingly positive comments flowed.


That is precisely the reaction our industry needs. The GDNs, in this case Northern Gas Networks, are all engaged in biomethane injection to the grid. The “gas from cheese” case sees the annual gas injected to meet the equivalent annual needs of 4000 homes. These schemes are springing up everywhere and they tell us a great deal about the future of the gas industry.


The evening before, I was in Parliament addressing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Energy Studies, on the topic of decarbonising heat. Alongside National Grid and Worcester Bosch, we explained how future heat demand could still be met from gas, whilst meeting our climate change obligations in an affordable manner. Green gas plays a key role in the future of gas. Biomethane, bioSNG, hydrogen all have their part to play in keeping bills down and homes warm.


For those who do listen to The Steve Wright Show, last week saw further evidence that gas will continue to do some “serious heatin”. 


Best wishes, 


Mike Foster CE

Driving to improve standards within the domestic hot water industry