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‘Common sense’ triumphs, as Lords reject Government decision to scrap zero-carbon homes

Thursday 28th April 2016

Responding to news that the House of Lords has blocked the Government's efforts to scrap the zero carbon homes standard, the Hot Water Association, HWA declared the vote as ‘Common sense’.

“Only last week the UK signed the Paris Climate Deal, making a global commitment to reduce our carbon emissions, the House of Lords have demonstrated common sense in voting to re-introduce the zero carbon homes standard,” says Isaac Occhipinti, Head of External Affairs, HWA.


He continued;


“The UK needs more housing but there is no justification for building homes with a permanent legacy of high energy bills. We already have some of the most energy inefficient homes in Europe we need to break the vicious cycle of costly retrofit programmes. New buildings need to be ‘future proofed’ enabling them to benefit from new technologies.


One way of achieving that is to make them ‘hot water ready’. If the UK is to increase its use of renewable technologies then storage of some sort will be necessary. Currently, hot water storage is the only practical solution for turning the energy produced into something useful and banking it for when it needs to be used.


If we are serious about cutting our carbon emissions then we need a long-term plan to improve our homes – the zero carbon standard is a way of doing just that.”

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