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Find out about the Hot Water Association and the organisation's history.

Who are the HWA?

The Hot Water Association (HWA) is a member organisation committed to effectively promoting the concept and use of stored hot water in domestic and commercial circumstances in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. HWA’s membership accounts for nearly 100% of hot water storage devices sold in the UK.

The HWA exists to support, drive and promote the sustained growth and improvement of standards within the entire domestic hot water industry.


The objectives of the HWA are;


  • To be recognised as the leading body in domestic hot water storage and, through cooperation and partnerships
  • To support, drive and promote the sustained growth and improvement of standards within the entire domestic hot water industry
  • To engage with government at a National and European level to lobby for the interests of the hot water storage industry, to ensure a level regulatory playing field with other technologies and uphold standards of safety and efficiency in the industry
  • Promote hot water storage in all suitable circumstances and educate consumers on the inappropriate use of instantaneous water heating systems
  • Promote the highest standards of efficiency & manufacturing through the HWA charter
  • Provide a forum for the industry to discuss relevant issues and engage with other industry stakeholders


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You can read about the history of the HWA here.


What do we do?

What do we do?

  • Represent the UK residential supply chain for hot water appliances and installation
  • Support the decarbonisation of hot water in UK homes and businesses
  • Lobby & provide expert advice to government on practical solutions in support of decarbonisation policy
  • Provide technical expertise and authority across all hot water technologies
  • Provide communication and ensure understanding of technical and regulatory changes in the sector
  • Help consumer protection by encouraging best practice
  • Provide unbiased market data collection and analysis

Why join?

For companies operating within the UK stored domestic hotwater industry, membership of HWA offers unrivalled benefits from a forward thinking, focused organisation delivering value for money.  We provide an environment for members to come together, have a voice and be actively involved within the energy industry.  We do this by facilitating opportunities for members to connect, engage and evolve.

As well as regular meetings allowing you to engage with your peers and expand your network, joining HWA will further entitle you to:

  • Weekly political monitoring (each Monday)
  • Monthly industry statistics service
  • Weekly e-news bulletin (each Monday)
  • Online presence
  • Membership Certificate
  • Discounted meeting rooms at our Warwickshire office

HWA offer full and associate membership packages. Our associate membership is open to organisations such as; other trade bodies, individuals, innovators, charities and other industry stakeholders. Associate members join HWA to form a strategic partnership which enhances the industry and its aims. This membership gives access to HWA briefings, and ensures associate members are informed on government consultations and policy. It also allows access to HWA events.


If you have any queries or require further information, please get in touch with Ana Ray, Membership Services on 01926 513761 or email

Driving to improve standards within the domestic hot water industry